Beth Bartell: Empowering Midland with Optimism and Purpose

Meet Beth Bartell, a perpetual optimist dedicated to growth. As the Controller at Midland Care, she blends expertise with a compassionate spirit. Her journey, rooted in small-town values, is marked by resilience and service. Work is more than a duty in her world—it’s a calling, intertwining personal fulfillment with professional excellence.

Beth Bartell, Finance Controller, Midland Care

Ever-growing and evolving, Beth Bartell’s mission in life is to stay positive and realize she will forever be a constant work-in-progress.

An optimistic outlook and a wealth of knowledge make Beth Bartell a perfect fit to work for Midland Care.

Bartell is the finance department controller. She oversees the accounting for the organization, as well as for the Community Care Hospice.

Others describe her as strong-willed and determined but also extremely happy and helpful. Her daughters might describe her as “a little bossy,” but Bartell prefers “assertive leadership” as the correct description.

Sara Lively, Payroll Specialist, nominated Bartell for the Employee Spotlight.

“She has just been incredible to our team since starting and truly is one of the smartest women I have ever met,” said Lively. 

Bartell is impressed with her colleagues’ positive impact on patients and participants.

“I have lost loved ones to long-term illness and can appreciate the impact home health and hospice have on our clients,” said Bartell. The staff at MCC consists of caring and wonderful employees who believe in Midland Care Connection’s mission. It is great to be a part of such an impactful organization.”

This is her vocation, not merely a job.

“Work should be more than a paycheck and benefits.”

beth bartell

This is her vocation, not merely a job.

“Work should be more than a paycheck and benefits,” she said. Work-family is important to my personal growth and success, and my job here has brought me much satisfaction, both personally and professionally.”

Bartell grew up in Wilson, a town of less than 1,000 people. She enjoyed her upbringing there, appreciating the beautiful lake nearby and the rich heritage of European backgrounds.

She has extensive education, with an undergraduate degree from Marymount College of Kansas and a graduate degree from Kansas Wesleyan University.

Before working for Midland, Bartell worked in both healthcare and public accounting.

“I have been in healthcare business positions since graduating with my MBA in 2000,” she said. “I have worked in many medical disciplines: oncology, family practice, behavior health, ophthalmology, pediatrics, therapeutic rehabilitation, and now home health and hospice. I have also worked in public accounting at different times during my business career.”

Outside of work, Bartell likes to keep busy.

“I like to be outside and enjoy a good walk with my dog. I also love to read for pleasure and cross-stitch and crochet,” she said. “I love music and the arts and spending time with my family.”

She was quick to answer what brings her joy in life.

“I am so grateful for a wonderful family – my immediate family, my mom and siblings and their families. People make life rich, and I have been blessed with friends and co-workers who enhance my life experiences.,” she said.

Bartell is an avid Kansas Jayhawk fan. She loves watching the Olympic games and is envious of those who can run and perform at such high levels of sport.

Kindness is her way of living.

“Knowing the ups and downs that life can throw at you, I am a big proponent of the “Be Kind” motto,” she said. “I try not to judge and hope others do the same for me.”

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