Beth Priddy: Your Trusted Healthcare Expert with 30 Years of Excellence at Midland Care

Meet Beth Priddy, a dedicated healthcare professional with a wealth of experience and a passion for making a positive impact. From nursing roles to QAPI RN, her journey at Midland Care showcases her commitment to quality care and community service.

Beth Priddy, Midland Care RN, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Beth Priddy has always worked in healthcare. Her knowledge and experience are second to none. Her colleagues describe her as a caregiver in many capacities, a team player, a hard worker, and a lover of nature.

In 1994, she joined the Midland Care team. Since then, she has served two sequences as a Hospice Admissions Nurse and RN Case Manager and had Home Health patients when the program began. She has also served as an Admissions Coordinator, Hospice Coordinator, Director of Hospice, and PACE RN (she was the only RN until they hired an APRN, so she performed all the RN duties, including initial patient assessments, Hospice House Staff RN, and Clinical Educator. She also helped start our Palliative Care program from the ground up.

She loves making a positive impact.

“I love knowing that I am making a difference in my community. And the ability as a nurse to change my field of interest within one organization and change my hours to accommodate my family over the years,” she said.

Her current role at Midland is as a QAPI RN. (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.)

“I love knowing that I am making a difference in my community …
I believe in the not-for-profit mission and vision, and I believe in all the work we do,”

beth priddy

Priddy said, “I perform Joint Commission survey and Medicare/Medicaid-related audits, and other chart reviews for Hospice and Home Health, and educate staff about regulatory documentation requirements.”

She has enjoyed watching Midland grow throughout the years.

“I believe in the not-for-profit mission and vision, and I believe in all the work we do, including all the expansions in care we now provide,” she said. “When we were only a hospice, I fielded many calls as an admissions nurse asking for help that we could not offer, so I have looked at all the new programs with anticipation for the support we could provide to our communities. And, of course, as a nurse, the patient care has been very rewarding.”

Joann Corpstein, Director of Compliance, admires Priddy’s dedication.

“Beth brings a vast array of talent & experience to the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement Department.   In addition to skillfully conducting numerous patient care-related audits, Beth willingly provides education and shares her expertise with staff and co-workers. She is an extremely valuable employee, and we are fortunate to have her on our team.”

She grew up in Salina and Olathe before relocating to Topeka in 1980.

As a teenager, she was a CNA and a Candy Striper. She has been a nurse, an LPN, and then an RN since she was 19. She attended Washburn and earned her RN through an outreach program in Junction City.

She worked at Abilene Memorial as a Staff LPN with the cardiac unit for one year. She also worked in telemetry at St. Francis Hospital for seven years.

She worked in Oncology/Hospice/Telemetry at the VAMC for seven years. That is where she fell in love with Hospice work.

Outside of work, she has a lot of hobbies that keep her busy.

“My husband and I watch our youngest grandson five days a week in our home in Lawrence, so I went to part-time status a few years ago. In Topeka, we have two other grandsons, 16 and 7 years old, so the grandkids happily take much of our time. I like to travel, hike/walk, sew, craft, do needlework, cook, and bake; I am always finding new recipes to try, gardening-I have a Monarch/ butterfly garden I have added to annually over the years, and we have a vegetable garden every year,” she said. “I like to visit my siblings in Salina and attend my brother’s gigs. He has been a drummer in a band since he was 16y/o, and my sisters and I like to dance. I watch Chiefs and KU games and have occasionally attended them.”

Both personal and professional things bring her joy.

“My close connections to family, including siblings I talk with daily and visit often. Also, looking back on my nursing history, knowing the connections with patients and families I made over the years, how I hopefully made a difference in their lives, and my part in growing the Midland organization,” she said. “It is a joy to help people live and die well and to see Midland thriving when, at times, there were many growing pains, but all worth it.

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