Brandy King: Transforming Patient Records with Precision as a Medical Coding Expert at Midland Care

In the world of medical coding, Brandy King, a relaxed yet straightforward Medical Coding Specialist at Midland Care, utilizes her meticulous nature to guarantee precision in patient records. King’s lively personality, genuine passion for assisting others, and deep love for her family shape her identity both within and outside the workplace.

Brandy King, Midland Care Medical Coding Specialist

To say Brandy King has to be meticulous and detail-oriented for her job is an understatement.  

King serves as a Medical Coding Specialist for Midland Care

“I review medical records and enter the codes for payment purposes in the patient chart. I also maintain the physical patient charts and documentation,” she said. “I also review Death Certificates for our physicians to sign, scan documents into EMR, assist with PACE document maintenance when needed, help organize department gatherings, and anything else needed in the Medical Records department.” 

King is a laid-back, go-with-the-flow type of person. However, she is known not to mince words.

“I like helping people.”

brandy king

She says, “I have been called spunky, feisty, and saucy. I tend to call it like I see it, and I don’t like mincing words. I have heard my friends say to be careful what you ask me because I will tell you what I think. My mother says I wear my heart on my sleeve.” 

She has always had a passion for helping others. 

“I like helping people,” she said. “I also like the team I work with, and compared to legal work, this is a low-stress job for me.” 

King also loves the flexibility her job affords her. 

“My benefits are flexibility in my schedule, comradery of my peers, and knowing that we make a difference in the community,” she said.  

Larry Reser, Medical Records Coordinator, appreciates the teamwork approach King brings to Midland. 

“Brandy has been with Midland for just over two years and has been a wonderful addition to Medical Records specifically and Midland in general,” said Reser. “As a Medical Coder, she ensures we are coding the Home Health patients correctly, per coding standards, within our Electronic records. She consistently strives to do her best and is always willing to help those around her.” 

King was born and raised in Wichita. She attended Butler County Community College, receiving her Legal Assistant and Court Reporting certifications. She also received her Medical Billing and Coding certification from Wichita Technical Institute. 

Before working for Midland Care, she served as a legal assistant for 22 years, working in Family Law, Personal Injury Law, and Bankruptcy. She also bartended, waited tables, and did event planning.  

Outside work, she enjoys baking, playing board games with her six children (ages 27 to 13) and her three granddaughters, spending time with her two dogs, and dancing. 

What brings her joy is pretty simple: “My family and getting my nails done,” she said. 

King does not follow sports, but she enjoys going to games with her husband, who loves the Royals and K-State football.

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