Delmar White: Inspiring With Wisdom and Unparalleled Compassion in Hospice Care

Step into the inspiring world of Delmar White, a seasoned pastor and hospice chaplain whose quiet confidence and decades of experience radiate a profound sense of a higher power.

When you are in Delmar White’s presence, you can feel the strong sense of a higher power within him. He automatically puts you at ease with his quiet confidence.

Delmar White, Midland Care Chaplain

White possesses extensive education, holding a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Divinity. However, it is not just his academic background that draws you to him; it is the synergy of his education and four decades of experience as a pastor. He marked his 40th anniversary as a pastor on Father’s Day in 2022. Additionally, in September of the same year, he celebrated 40 years of a happy marriage to his wife, with whom he successfully raised three accomplished and talented children. 

Being raised in his Grandmother’s home shaped White’s strong belief in faith. “She was a big influence on my life. In her home, church was a requirement. Growing up with her taught me how to love people, and I still love people.” 

He originally wanted to attend law school; however, there were great Pastors in his church who influenced him to become a Pastor.

“To me, this isn’t a job. It is a privilege to
walk with people on this part of their journey.” 

delmar white

In 2013, White joined Midland Care’s Bereavement Department; in 2017, he joined the Chaplain Department. 

When individuals learn that White works as a Hospice Chaplain, they frequently express that it’s a job they couldn’t undertake due to their aversion to being around death. In response, White emphasizes, “To do this work, it has to be a calling. I consider it a privilege to be invited into their lives to go on this part of their journey with them and their family.”

However, White is not a bible thumper. He meets people where they are and lets them be in charge of how in-depth they want the conversation and their relationship to go. 

He also enjoys speaking with people, sharing their life reviews, and seeing the joy that comes into their eyes as they share the happy moments of their journey.

It is also an honor when patients ask him to perform their memorial services when they pass.

White enjoys working for Midland Care because of the company’s family mindset. He shared, “The concept of hope, comfort, and support and seeing that with our nurses, social workers, Chaplains, aides, and everyone working here and living that every day is one of the greatest things to witness. To me, this isn’t a job. It is a privilege to walk with people on this part of their journey.”

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