Ed Shelley: Marine Corps Veteran Revolutionizing Midland Care Security

Meet Ed Shelley, a well-traveled Marine Corps Veteran who, as the Security Officer at Midland Care, wears multiple hats—overseeing fleet vehicles, handling security matters, and conducting investigations. We explore Shelley’s varied experiences, his commitment to safety, and his pride in Midland Care’s community impact.

Ed Shelley, Midland Care Security Officer

Marine Corps Veteran Ed Shelley is a complex man with a rich history that has taken him all around the world. Yet, his favorite thing to do is to make others smile while simultaneously keeping them safe. He has provided security for the President and the Governor. And, much to employees who have fleet vehicles chagrin, Shelley is the man who keeps track of hard stopping, speeding, and everything in between. 

At Midland Care, Shelley serves as the Security Officer. His job involves him wearing a lot of different hats. 

“I work with the various departments within Midland Care to create a safer work environment when participants and patients are less than cordial with our staff members and when family members are being unruly or hostile towards our team,” he said. “I track and monitor the fleet vehicles and work with staff members to get a lease vehicle. Some of the other activities that I am involved in are accident / criminal investigations, HR investigations, recovering Midland property that was not turned in upon ending employment, patrolling Midland Care properties for security issues, providing training on Personal Safety and other topics pertaining to security, and all other tasks as assigned.” 

Shelley enjoys working with others to create a safe environment in which staff members feel safer while doing their jobs. He has even been willing to help after hours with employee’s vehicles, such as jumping their car batteries to get them back on the road. 

He also feels a strong sense of pride when community members share their stories about Midland Care’s positive impact on their families. 

“The benefits of working for Midland Care is when non-employees hear that you work at Midland Care and they had a family member being served by Midland Care, they start telling you how good the experience was for them, and they saw the care being given to their family member,” said Shelley. 

“At the end of the day, the goals are safety and security.”

ed shelley

Jesse Ramirez, Vice President of Operational Support Services, is impressed with Shelley’s skillset. 

“Ed does a great job with the fleet, mileage, New Employee Orientation training, and securing our buildings. I believe to sum up Ed, ‘At the end of the day, the goals are safety and security.'” 

Shelley was raised in Douglas County, about five miles southwest of Lawrence. He attended Wichita State University, focusing on Administration of Justice. 

From 1981 to 1985, he served in the United States Marine Corps and as a Military Police Officer, during which he attended the Military Police Academy at Fort McClellan, Alabama, and later attended the Police Academy at Golden West College and trained with California Highway Patrol, Laguna Beach PD, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. 

“I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca., Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan, and El Toro MCAS, El Toro, Ca. While at El Toro, Ca. I provided armed security for President Regan,” said Shelley. 

In 1985, he returned to Kansas, attended the Kansas Police Academy, joined the KHP Div. 8 Capitol Police, and provided armed security for the governor. 

Shelley also worked for Leavenworth PD, Horton PD, Hiawatha PD, and Sac & Fox Tribal Police. He has worked as a Patrol Officer, Gang Task Force, and Crime Prevention Officer. He also worked for the Casino Gaming Commission as an investigator to ID cheating/scams, internal P&P violations, background investigations, and gaming license investigations.  

He also put himself in harm’s way, spending over seven years working Organized Retail Theft. 

“That required me to travel Kansas, Missouri, and Omaha, Nebraska, identifying people involved in buying/selling stolen items, and I would then start selling stolen products to those individuals while working with various law enforcement agencies to build criminal cases for arrest/prosecution,” he said. 

Outside of work, he finds joy in partaking in his hobbies. Those include snorkeling, taking videos & photos underwater, kayak fishing, metal detecting, and collecting fossils, shells, and arrowheads. 

He enjoys watching the KC Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers.

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