Compassionate Hospice Care at Midland Care with a Personal Touch

At Midland Care, Registered Nurse Case Manager Emi Sloan brings her extensive expertise and heartfelt compassion to hospice care, ensuring patients receive top-notch support both at home and in facilities. Sloan values the perfect balance Midland Care offers—large enough to provide ample resources yet small enough to ensure each employee feels valued. Her dedication and unique energy, highlighted by her colleagues, make Sloan an invaluable asset to the hospice team.

At Midland Care, Emi Sloan is a Registered Nurse Case Manager for Hospice. She said, “I get to take care of patients both inside of their home and at facilities and provide education, support, guidance through end of life.”

Emi Sloan, Midland Care Registered Nurse Case Manager for Hospice

Sloan appreciates the team approach that Midland Care provides.

“I absolutely love the amount of support that is always available and provided,” she said. “I never feel alone with a problem; someone is always willing to help.”

She believes Midland is the perfect size of company for which to work.

“I really enjoy the size of Midland; it feels big enough to have a lot of resources but also small enough/less corporate to where I feel that I really do matter as an employee,” she said. Sloan is a Washburn University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.

“I absolutely love the amount of support
that is always available and provided.”


Her colleagues lovingly describe her as funny, random, and with a wide variety of interests and facts.

“Emi adds an energy to the team and always lightens the mood by making people laugh. She is hardworking and works to find solutions for all her patients’ needs,” said Katelyn Shively, Midland Care’s Hospice Nursing Team Lead.

Before working at Midland Care, Sloan worked on the inpatient oncology floor at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

She grew up in Manhattan, Kansas. While some households are divided regarding KU and K-State, Sloan is a person divided.

 “I like to say I can claim K-State since I grew up in Manhattan, and can also claim KU since I lived and attended college there and my husband works there,” she said. “So I’m the worst type of fan. I claim whichever team is winning.”

When she is not at work, she enjoys going shopping for deals.

“I love thrifting with my daughter and mother-in-law, going to garage and estate sales. We love a good deal,” said Sloan.

Quality family time brings her great joy in life.

“I enjoy spending time with my husband and daughter,” she said. “We enjoy a good UNO game, Candyland, and movie night.”

Sloan describes herself as introverted, sarcastic, and a caring person. She also enjoys school supplies pens, and helping patients and their families get organized, and creating personalized plans for them to utilize.

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