Evan Hahn: Topeka PACE Team’s Compassionate Social Work Coordinator

Evan Hahn exemplifies unwavering compassion and dedication. Amidst the collaborative spirit of the Topeka-based PACE team, Hahn’s calm presence and positive approach shine as he navigates the challenges of supporting families through difficult phases.

Evan Hahn, Midland Care Topeka PACE Social Work Coordinator

Evan Hahn has a Texas-size heart, and the PACE participants and his colleagues are incredibly grateful.

Hahn serves as the PACE Social Work Coordinator. In this role, he supervises the Topeka-based PACE social workers.

The collaboration is what he enjoys the most about working for Midland Care.

“I enjoy the teamwork and collaboration in PACE,” Hahn said. “It is a very positive and fun environment to work in, and you meet a lot of people who truly care about helping their participants. The team at Midland is very positive and extremely caring.”

Hahn believes every family he works with would describe him differently.

“When I’m working with families handling very difficult phases of their lives, I try to be a calm presence so that they can make the decisions that matter,” he said. 

“The team at Midland is very positive and caring.”


Hayley Young, PACE Center Administrator, admires many things about Hahn.

“Evan brings so much to the team. Just spending a few minutes with him, anyone would quickly see how much he cares for our participants and staff/coworkers. As the social work coordinator, he often needs to respond quickly to issues,” said Young. “His experience and ability to remain positive, calm, and level-headed in high-stress situations is admirable. The compassion and patience he demonstrates daily are invaluable qualities that make him the great social worker he is.”

Hahn attended Washburn University from 2015 until 2021. He attended Washburn Tech for Early Childhood Development, which led him to study Human Services at Washburn University.

Before working at Midland Care, Hahn worked for Community Action as a Bonner Intern from 2019 until 2020 while attending school for his Bachelor’s degree. Before that, he worked for the nonprofit Circles of Greater Topeka. He led groups, training, recruited volunteers, and helped with fundraising from 2016 until 2019.

Hahn said, “The LinC-Bonner Honors program helped me select courses and work-study programs with Community Action and Circles of Greater Topeka, as well as work with other students on leadership development and volunteer service projects.”

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, wife, and their families.

Helping others brings him an incredible sense of joy.

“I really enjoy helping other people and being part of a positive team,” he said. “Whether with family or work, feeling that we have accomplished something and made a difference for others brings me that joy.”

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