Introducing John White: Infusing Joyful Excellence into Midland Care PACE

United States Navy Veteran John White is well-known and respected at Midland Care.  

People typically ask his colleagues if they know White whenever they find out they work for Midland. 

His optimistic nature, hard work ethic, and kindness make him an extremely memorable person.

At Midland Care, White serves as the Center Administrator for the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) in Lawrence. 

John White, Center Administrator,
Midland Care PACE, Lawrence

There, he helps coordinate the PACE services available to our participants. He oversees the center’s day-to-day operations while working closely with the Medical, Transportation, and Interdisciplinary teams. 

White appreciates the continuum of care Midland provides. 

“I believe that Midland Care is doing the “right things” for “the right reasons,” and helping people to access services and supports,” said White. “Midland Care employees genuinely care for the people we work with and for.” 

He also firmly believes in helping others. 

“Each day allows me to feel good about what I am doing,” he said. “There is no better feeling of self-worth than to work in the service of others.” 

White takes tremendous pride in working for Midland. 

“I would just like to say how honored I am to work with this organization. I have met some amazing people on my Midland Care journey so far,” said White. “Whether it be folks we serve or co-workers and staff/leadership, I have found a home with this organization and look forward to a long and rewarding experience.” 

“There is no better feeling of self-worth
than to work in the service of others.”

john white

Lea Chaffee, the Vice President and Executive Director of PACE, values the diverse skills that White brings to the team. 

“John is a true champion for the PACE program and Midland Care. His positive energy lifts the team,” said Chaffee. “He encourages everyone to work together to provide exceptional service to PACE participants. Working beside John is a pleasure, and I am grateful for how he serves others.” 

Kirsty Feltz, Life Enrichment Specialist, enjoys working with White. 

“John is always ready to help his team and fosters a positive work environment,” said Feltz. 

Before working for Midland, White worked for a non-profit for one year, the State of Kansas (KDADS – Commission on Aging) for two years, and the Area Agency on Aging for almost a decade. 

White attended Ottawa University, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Human Services. 

Outside work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and their dog, Sammy. He also spends much time with his in-laws on their farm outside of Ottawa. 

Making people laugh makes White feel joyous.  

“People, not too many at a time, but good conversation and laughter goes a long way toward helping me feel joy,” said White. 

White describes himself as “Just one piece of the puzzle that is humanity.” 

He is a lifelong fan of the Royals, Chiefs, and KU basketball/football.

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