Lisa Mongold: From Volunteer to Hospice Social Worker

Lisa Mongold’s unwavering dedication to advocating for individuals facing a life-limiting illness, shaped by personal experiences and a profound belief in compassionate care, guided her journey from volunteer to advanced certified hospice and palliative social worker at Midland Care.

Lisa Mongold, Midland Care Hospice Social Worker

Lisa Mongold’s journey with Midland Care started when she was a volunteer.

“I volunteered as a massage therapist for Midland while working towards my social work degree and providing massage at the PACE Day Center to participants and home care hospice,” she said. “Then, while working on my undergraduate degree in social work, I completed my practicum with PACE. Then, I worked for another hospice agency for a year before my current employment with Midland.” For 15 years, Lisa Mongold worked as a massage therapist and small business owner, but God had bigger plans for her than that.

“No matter what someone’s socioeconomic status, we get to assist, and I’m so appreciative of being of service to those who are in need and cannot afford care.”

lisa mongold

“God called me to go back to school during my time as a massage therapist to become a social worker. I knew exactly what direction I wanted to go as a social worker; I knew from previous experiences that I wanted to be a hospice social worker,” said Mongold.

Working alongside other Midland Care employees made her want to work for this company.

“While completing my graduate degree, I had the opportunity to complete my practicum in the ICU,” she said. “This is where I observed Midland Care’s Dr. Nelson and Dorothy Kurtz at the bedside with patients and families. Their compassion towards patients and families further confirmed that I wanted to be a part of Midland.”

In 2001, Mongold’s grandmother went in for a routine surgery, after which she developed complications. When Mongold and her family went into the ICU to see her, her grandmother was nearly unrecognizable. Her grandmother, always dressed to the nines with her hair, makeup, and clothing, lay connected to numerous tubes and monitors. Mongold gazed at her grandmother, and one of the harshest realities struck her.

“I told my family that she would be livid with us if we let her remain hooked up to everything. That is when, as a family, we had everything removed so she could go peacefully,” said Mongold. “That was one of the hardest things to do, letting go of someone I loved. This experience helped shape me and maybe why I believe advocating for individuals is important.”

At Midland Care, Mongold’s official title is ACHP-SW, LMSW.

“I am an advanced certified hospice and palliative social worker and licensed master social worker. I address the psychosocial needs of patients and families that have been affected by life-limiting illness,” she said. “Focusing on patient and family strengths, sometimes I’m a mediator and an advocate. Assist with those hard end-of-life conversations. I am very passionate about my position here at Midland. It isn’t always an easy job, especially when you build bonds with our patients and families that you work with. It is such an honor to work with our patients and families.”

One of the best things about working for Midland Care is that the organization is not-for-profit.

“No matter what someone’s socioeconomic status, we get to assist, and I’m so appreciative of being of service to those who are in need and cannot afford care,” said Mongold. “We also have a fantastic team and leadership.”

Her colleagues thoroughly enjoy working with Mongold.

“Lisa is very understanding, dedicated, and diligent. She approaches each situation with all of her effort and ability. When she speaks with our patients and families, they know they have your full attention and place their trust in you,” said Clay Schneider, Hospice RN Case Manager.

Katherine Hertlein, Hospice RN Case Manager, appreciates that Mongold always focuses on helping others.

“Lisa is extremely compassionate, empathetic, bubbly, and passionate about helping others physically and emotionally,” said Hertlein.

Mongold grew up in Jefferson County and pursued her degrees at the University of Kansas. Outside of work, her interests include horseback riding, hiking, and kayaking. Time with family, outdoor activities, and witnessing others’ success bring her joy. Additionally, she finds pleasure in following the KC Royals.

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