Meet Brandi Thompson, Your Caring CAL LPN at Midland Care

Brandi Thompson, a dedicated LPN at Midland Care, embodies compassion and commitment. With diverse experience and top-notch credentials, she’s a lifeline for those in need, from medication management to hospice care.

If you call Midland Care, there’s a good chance you will talk to Brandi Thompson, who is in our 24/7 Care Access Line (CAL.)

Brandi Thompson, Care Access Line (CAL) LPN, Midland Care

Thompson brings a wide variety of career paths to Midland. Before becoming a nurse, she was a phlebotomist for four years. Brandi was employed by Med Services Personnel in Lawrence, serving as a local contract nurse. Primarily engaged in per diem assignments, she also held a contract at Brewster Place, specifically on their long-term hall.

She earned her LPN certificate from Franklin Technology Center in Joplin, Missouri. This center is one of the very top-rated LPN programs in the four-state (Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma) area.

At Midland Care, she serves as a CAL LPN.

“I am one of a small handful of gals that answers the main line for all Midland programs. I help answer questions, fill medications, triage any medical calls that come in, get the info to the appropriate care team, and educate patients/participants/clients on their condition and how to manage it,” said Thompson. “I also help out with hospice intake when needed.”

Thompson enjoys working for an organization that is committed to helping others. “I really love working for Midland Care because we do everything we can to be there for people no matter what. Whether they’re on our services or just utilizing the grief and loss benefits, we have an incredible reach to lift others up and support them where they are in life. It’s something truly special and beautiful, and being a part of it is the best,” said Thompson.

“I really love working for Midland Care because we do
everything we can to be there for people no matter what.”

brandi thompson

She also appreciates the opportunity to expand her skillset while working at Midland Care.

“Midland Care has so many benefits that allow team members to grow and really expand on their professional skills,” she said.

Thompson has lived in numerous places. Born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, she moved to Germany when she was almost five. After completing kindergarten and first grade in Landstuhl, Germany, she moved back stateside.

She spent most of her life growing up in Neosho, Missouri. In 2020, during the pandemic, she moved to Kansas.

Outside of work, Thompson loves kayaking and spending time in the hammock while camping with her husband and dog.

Additionally, she enjoys gardening, reading lots of books, and spending time training her 1.5-year-old labradoodle, Luna.

Her biggest sources of joy are baking, crocheting, and giving homemade gifts.

Thompson said when asked to describe herself, “I like to think of myself as a grandma-chic hippie lol. I’m an introverted bookworm, but I also love oddities, antiques, and anything handmade.”

Her colleagues describe her as very outgoing and kind, and she has a big heart.

“Brandi will take on any responsibility given and do it to the highest standard, always with a smile on her face. She brings a positive light to the team and is a pleasure to work alongside,” said Jenny Beaver, Director of Clinical Services. “She genuinely cares for the patients and families she supports and does so with strength and grace.”

Thompson is hugely passionate about being registered as an organ donor.

“One of my sisters passed away in 2011, right after they had all lived and survived through the Joplin tornado. My sister was an organ donor; ever since, it’s been something really special to me, and I will always advocate for it.”

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