Planned Giving

Want to change the future? All it takes is a simple signature. 

Planned Giving, a crucial aspect of financial planning, involves deciding who will inherit the money in various accounts. If you’ve ever opened a bank account, set up a retirement plan, or taken out an insurance policy, you may have completed a form to say who will inherit the money in those accounts someday. Then again, the customer service rep may have forgotten to mention the form. 

But this opportunity is too good to miss! It’s a simple form, done right on the spot, and keeps your money out of probate: no attorneys, no hassle for your heirs, no extra expenses tacked onto your estate. There’s no limit to the amount you can leave someone. And in addition to individuals, you can name a charity. 

As you decide who will inherit your accounts, please consider including us and your loved ones. It’s a simple yet powerful way to provide long-lasting support for the future of Midland Care. (Plus, if your estate is subject to estate and inheritance tax, you may save your heirs up to a 65% tax on your retirement assets!) 

All it takes is a simple signature. It’s your money, and you deserve the right to say what happens to it. 

Contact Jennifer Friedley at or 785.232.2044 x1007.