RaeLynn McClelland: Guiding with Empathy in the Critical Moments

It’s always interesting to learn about why people choose their career paths. RaeLynn McClelland, Hospice Social Worker, is no exception. This hard-working, adaptable, reliable, energetic, detail-oriented, empathic, team-oriented, and resourceful woman was born to help others. 

“I originally found my passion to become a social worker by volunteering with Camp Quality Kansas through servicing as a

RaeLynn McClelland, Midland Care Hospice Social Worker

companion and the volunteer coordinator,” she said. “This camp is a camp for kids with cancer. Many of the parents said I reminded them of their social workers. Thus, I looked into what a social worker does.” 

Before working at Midland Care, she served as a Foster Care Social Worker. She interned at Midland Care for almost a year before being accepted to a full-time position.  

McClelland earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Washburn University. She recently earned her ACHP-SW (Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Social Worker) certification. 

No two days are ever the same for her. “Mostly my job includes connecting to resources, being a listening ear, problem solver, mediator, having hard conversations with patients and families, providing education about end-of-life care, and being the calm to the storm,” she said. “If I had to summarize my job, it would be helping in whatever way is needed during one of the most difficult times of our patients and their families’ lives.” 

McClelland enjoys working at Midland Care because of her coworkers and patients. “I enjoy working with such amazing coworkers and building connections with patients and families in our community,” she said. 

“If I had to summarize my job, it would be helping in
whatever way is needed during one of the most difficult times
of our patients and their families’ lives.”

RaeLynn McClelland

She also values the company’s ability to help those in need. “I really like the not-for-profit part of Midland, knowing no matter if our patients and families can afford the care, we will still provide the quality care they deserve. I also really appreciate how Midland has so many different programs (hospice, home health, pace, palliative care, MOW, TAH, bereavement, and many more). It seems like we have something for just about everything,” she said. “I also really enjoy being involved in our community events like the memory walk, lighting of the Christmas tree, and the Healing Hearts camp.” 

Lisa Mongold, LMSW, thoroughly enjoys working with McClelland. “I see her as a huge asset to Midland. She is humble and willing to assist her team anytime they reach out and ask. She is also very collaborative with her team and families. She goes beyond the call of duty to ensure excellent patient care. She is also very resourceful and knowledgeable with tough situations or cases,” she said. “I’m glad she is a part of our team and feel honored to work beside her.” 

 McClelland’s parents, both Veterans, raised her in Texas, Utah, and Georgia. After her Dad’s retirement, they returned to Kansas to be close to family. 

Outside of work, she loves spending family time camping, water skiing, and playing cards. During the winter months, she enjoys knitting blankets. Her husband, Aaron, and her daughter, Monica, bring her tremendous joy in life. 

She also carries on her husband’s family tradition by buying season tickets for KU football. 

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