Elevate Your Well-Being with Tanner Vinson: Expert PT Dedicated to Transforming Lives

Tanner Vinson is a dynamic physical therapist with Midland Care’s PACE program. He is driven by a passion for team success and a genuine desire for the well-being of those he encounters. With a background in orthopedics and sports medicine, he brings expertise and humor to his work. He strives to improve the lives of participants through tailored care plans and a holistic approach to therapy.

Tanner Vinson describes himself as someone who can be all over the place yet highly focused and driven when set on a particular mindset or motivation. Competitive in nature, he always strives for team success above his own.

Above all, he wants everyone he comes in contact with to succeed.

As a physical therapist with Midland Care’s PACE program, Vinson helps participants improve.

Tanner Vinson, Midland Care PACE Physical Therapist

“I act as a member of the PACE interdisciplinary team that helps determine the optimal care plan for each individual in our program. PACE requires you to step outside the expertise of your specific discipline often,” he said. “With that being said, my major focus is on determining if participants are safe in their homes and what interventions need to be put in place if they are not. That involves providing adaptive equipment based on their needs and training them to use it properly. It may also involve developing specific therapy interventions meant to target and improve deficits that have been identified to be causing dysfunction. As falls are a common concern for elders’ safety, I examine the causes of falls and look to implement ways to reduce future occurrences. Above all else, we look to encourage an active lifestyle and believe in the foundations of movement as medicine.”

Before working for Midland Care, Vinson was a physical therapist at a private outpatient clinic in Kansas City, Missouri. He enjoys the crossover between the multiple programs Midland Care provides.

“I enjoy seeing people becoming motivated to reach a goal.”

tanner vinson

“I enjoy the crossover into other disciplines. In my previous position, it was so much about what you see then and there in the clinic,” he said. “With PACE, I enjoy needing to think about each participant’s daily life in its entirety, beyond just their physical needs.”

Vinson enjoys the wraparound services provided to PACE participants.

“Assuming the participant is willing, we have the freedom to implement physical therapy interventions freely without the concerns for insurance coverage that may otherwise be a barrier to starting or continuing treatment,” said Vinson. “I get to speak freely with the providers about participants’ conditions, which significantly improves continuity of care.”

He considers it an honor to work for Midland Care.

“It is a privilege to work at PACE because of the way my profession is utilized and because we are able to not only help our participants but truly get to know them as people,” he said.

Julie Kirkwood, PACE Therapy Coordinator, loves working with Vinson because of the skillset and sense of humor he brings with him to work.

“Tanner brings a wealth of knowledge to our Therapy team and has expertly adapted his background in orthopedics and sports medicine to our participant population to meet their needs and obtain results,” he said. “He is quick to share his expertise by giving our participants the tools they need to manage their symptoms and by helping to expand the knowledge and skills of our staff. We are amazed by his talents on a daily basis, and his sense of humor and light-hearted approach create a fun environment in our often-stressful world.”

Raised in Salina, he attended Hutchinson Community College for two years. He then completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at Newman University in Wichita and completed his education in the Physical Therapy program at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active. He enjoys Disc Golf, golf, slow-pitch softball, fishing, camping, hiking, exercise, and Catan.

He experiences joy both professionally and personally.

“I enjoy seeing people becoming motivated to reach a goal,” he said. “I consider my friends and family to bring the most joy. I am married to my beautiful wife Kayla, and although we don’t have kids yet, I hope to one day find the most joy in having our own family.”

Vinson loves watching sports.

“I always grew up loving college football and attended many Kansas State football games despite not going to school there,” he said. “Although I still follow college football closely, I adamantly follow the NBA. It’s hard not to want to watch the Boston Celtics at this point, but I’m strongly liking the Oklahoma City Thunder. I watch every Chiefs game, but I wouldn’t say that I know all of the ins and outs of the organization.”

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