From Intern to APRN: A Compassionate Odyssey Towards Mastery

Trina Wood’s journey from aspiring Hospice APRN to dedicated PACE APRN embodies the twists of fate that shape one’s career path, showcasing her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care for older adults in Emporia.

Trina Wood, Midland Care PACE APRN

After her internship, Trina Wood hoped to work as a Hospice APRN, but fate intervened. “I accepted the PACE APRN opening in 2015 after interning with Dr. David Wensel (Midland Care’s former Medical Director). I accepted it as a temporary position until a Hospice APRN position became available, “Wood said. “Now, over eight years later, I doubt they could get me to switch to working for Hospice.”

Wood is a PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) APRN. She is the primary care provider for the PACE participants in Emporia.

Her colleagues describe her as helpful, having integrity and knowledge, and tolerant.

Rachel Mitchell, RN, Emporia PACE Center Director, is impressed with Wood’s commitment to providing exceptional participant care.

“Trina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Emporia Midland Care Interdisciplinary Team,” said Mitchell. “Trina’s strong knowledge base mixed with great clinical common sense and calm demeanor allows her to provide excellent primary care to our participants.”

Raised in Topeka and Chicago, Woods worked as an RN at Stormont Vail for telemetry/oncology while earning her master’s degree. She attended Eastern Illinois University in the 1980s and received a degree in Education. Later, she attended Washburn University School of Nursing for her Bachelor in Nursing and a Masters in Nursing specializing in Adult/Geriatric Advanced Practice Nursing.

“I enjoy working for Midland Care because I can
serve the underserved while making a living”

trina wood

She went specifically to school to become an adult/geriatric care provider because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of the frail and elderly.

Wood loves making a difference. “I enjoy working for Midland Care because I can serve the underserved while making a living,” she said.

Outside of her job, she enjoys thrifting items, selling them on eBay, sewing, and fostering teenagers as her hobbies.

What brings her joy in life is simple: seeing others succeed. “I love seeing people from hard backgrounds have successes, like being able to move out on their own or heal from past traumas.”

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