Xochitl Munoz: Spreading Joy and Compassion as a Healthcare Professional in Kansas City PACE

Xochitl Munoz’s passion for helping others and treating everyone like family shines through in her role as the Life Enrichment Specialist at the PACE center in Kansas City, where she brings joy and companionship to participants every day.

Xochitl Munoz wanted to work in healthcare because she loves helping people in any way she can. She views everyone as a member of her own family.

Munoz serves as the Life Enrichment Specialist at the PACE center (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) in Kansas City.

Xochitl Munoz, Midland Care PACE Kansas City

She loves her job mainly because of the PACE participants. Additionally, she enjoys exercising her creativity and working under her boss.

“I get to have fun and play games all day. I get to entertain and make our participants laugh and smile. A life enrichment specialist organizes outings, activities, and fun things they want to do. I love spending time with our participants,” said Munoz. “I make sure I make them feel important and what they have to express is very important and valid. I love to hear their stories and their wisdom.”

“I love spending time with our participants … I love to hear their stories and their wisdom.”

Xochitl Munoz

Vanessa Trobough, Kansas City PACE Administrator, is thrilled with what Munoz brings to the Day Center.

“Xochitl is motivated, eager, and ambitious. Frequently referred to as our ‘hype girl.’ Xochitl is always willing to jump in to help wherever needed,” said Trobough. “We are very fortunate to have her here at the Ann Center to be a HUGE part of our team.”

Munoz loves to spend time with her family and friends outside of work.

She said, “I recently had a baby, so my son is what brings me so much JOY right now. I love being his mom!”

Before working for Midland Care, Munoz was a parent liaison for the Kansas City School District.

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